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Review: Sunplay Super Block SPF 130

By saffie · May 27, 2012 · 0 Comments ·


I was contacted by a representative from Sunplay to review the following product on my blog:


What is Sunplay?

What the product claims to do:


It comes in an easy screw-top like so:

Directions & Ingredients:



Just like how the product claims, you can see from the above picture that is has a liquid-like formulation and is pretty runny. It kinda reminds me what calamine lotion is like. Since the product is pretty watery, you can easily rub into the skin and it absorbs just instantly looking like so:

Before this, i hardly used any sunblock or suncreen. My mum used to make me wear several when i was much younger as i go to the pool alot last time. But till now i have never invested in any because i hate putting stuff on my skin which then might get greasy or sticky as the day goes by. If you didn't notice, i have already started to have slight sun spots/ freckles or whatever you call it at the back of my hand. This is probably because of the skin being exposed to the sun after a period of time without any ''protection''. When given a chance to try this product out, i figured why not?



I started using a week back and so far it's going pretty well. You know the weather in Singapore is just scorchingly hot! Surprisingly this product did not get sticky or greasy as the day goes by. It kinda have a faint mentholated scent to it when you first apply but it goes away shortly. I use this on my hands, arms and legs. I avoided the face since the level of SPF on this is quite high and i didn't want to look ghostly if i happen to take photos. The only downside that i noticed is that there was a slight white residue on the skin at the end of the day. At a glance it's not obvious; only when you look closer you can see them.




If any of you are interested to try the Sunplay Super Block yourself, you can redeem the free Sunplay travel size sample here:




There is also an ongoing contest on Sunplay's Facebook Page :


20 lucky readers to post "I Love Sunplay because......" on Sunplay's facebook wall stands a chance to win prizes sponsored by Sunplay.

The contest will end on 10th June 2359 hours and winners will be announced the following day, Monday 11th June 1500 hours.

Nudes In The Mail + Trial

By saffie · December 18, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I made a small online purchase from Smoochiezz.com a while back.


Items were packed really nicely with thick bubble wraps.


This was what i got:

Nude nail polishes from Essie. I liked the idea of having nude/neutral nail colours so i decided to try these.



Jazz is more of a greyish-taupe colour.



Topless & Barefoot is like a beige tone nude colour.

*Both nail polishes are applied on with 2 coats.


Since i adlready have a nude base on, i decided to give the 'newspaper manicure' a try. Here's what i did:

1) I took a page from the newspaper and cut it into small pieces like so:


2) Filled a glass with water probably about 1/4 full or just enough for my nails to be dipped in:


3) After which, i placed the piece of newspaper that was cut previously over the nail and hold there for 30 sec:

I was supposed to use rubbing alcohol for this but since i don't have any, i tried using just water to see how it turned out. So this is what it looks like after doing the same steps for all the other nails:

The "prints" didn't turn out that strong using water or probably i need to hold and press them down a little harder. Anyway, i finish it off with topcoat so that the word prints wouldn't get smudged away.

Smoochiezz Flea Haul

By saffie · October 26, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Smoochiezz.com had been holding fleas since late September up till now. I went to the one at Singapore Expo and also the one held at The Cathay. So this is a collective haul and these are what i picked up:



I hardly ever wear blush but after getting this, i started loving blushes. I like that the colour is buildable and matte. Although the colour states peach here, it is actually more of a light pink colour. Here are the swatches:

(Left: with flash, Right: w/o flash)

I went to get another two when i head down the flea for the second time:


Pinky (PB05): It is much pinkier than the previous

Nutmeg (PB19): Sort of like soft brown suitable for both as a blush or contouring.

Both are matte too in case you are wondering. Swatches below:


Moving on...


I thought that the blue was lovely, started swatching and decided to let it dry for a while before i try rubbing it off. Guess what It didn't even budge!!! I was so impressed that i definitely needed to get the black one as well. I decided to get the crystal version as well:


This is a clear liquid liner with glitters in it. They have several other shades as well like purple, pink, silver, gold etc. I think this would look best over black liner. Like the Studio Liquid Liners, this doesn't budge as well. All these liners comes with a thin brush applicator like so:

The pencil liners and lip liners were placed right beside these and i picked up one as well:


Like the name states, this is a doll-pink like colour. Sweet colour, but i find this a little hard to apply as it tugs the lips.

Below are the swatches:

The first picture is with flash while the other two is without. With flash, the blue appears to be like a teal colour when it is actually a sapphire blue. The second picture captures the glitters of the crystal liquid liners better while the third picture captures the true blue colour of the studio liner.

Another liner i got from nyx is this:


The black is not as intense but like the studio liner, it is smudge proof. However, this not really that waterproof i feel. I have to set it with mattyfying powder in order to make the liner stays throughout the day (for the lower lashline i mean). The applicator allows you to make thin or thick lines like so:



I'm trying to find alternatives to fill in my eyebrows with. I started using this and loving it so far. As you can see, the led has this flattened oval shape to ensure that you have more control where you want to draw or fill in. Pretty fuss free. This come in quite a number of browns, variations of browns i mean. They have greys and blacks too. Swatch:


Moving on....


This definitely not an everyday colour but nice to have in your make up collection. Plus i find this really pigmented could almost be like a lipstain. The lipgloss is not at all sticky and it goes on pretty smoothly. I'm contemplating whether or not to the get several other colours. Below is the swatch anyway:


Other Miscellaneous stuff:


Heard nothing but good reviews for these brushes so i finally decided to get them. Besides, i needed more powder brushes.

Although they came with their own 'brush guards' i purchased another pack to interchange them:


Picked up a pair of falsies from ardell:


Nail Polishes:

China Glaze & O.P.I:

For these, there has been a ''debate'' regarding their authenticity. I'm not too sure myself.

(A hot pink colour with hues of blue)


Tried them on my nails:


So, if you have not head down to their flea, i suggest you should. They are having a few more on:

Other Details:


Cherry Culture Haul

By saffie · October 9, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I joined a spree sometime back conducted by Under-Twenty20. Decided to get just a couple of items:


NYX Round Lipstick in CIRCE (LSS522):

Got a backup of this since the one that i have was running low.


NYX Round Lipstick in THALIA (LSS529):

Picked up this as well. I find that Thalia is almost close to my natural lip colour except that it has a little more mauve tones to it.


NYX Round Lipstick in POWER (LSS629):

This is my current favorite lipstick. I really love the colour! I wore this for my previous Hari Raya LOTD.


Wild and Crazy Lipstick in (Black Stick):

Got this for the fun of it. Halloween is around the corner :)


Swatches below (left- with flash, right- w/o flash):

Left-to-right: Black stick, Thalia, Power, Circe.



Picked this up as well. I was tired of having to sharpen my pencil liners. As seen above, there is a decent amount of product in it.  I use this mainly for my waterline and it goes on pretty smoothly.

Here's a swatch:

Quick Post: NOTD

By saffie · October 8, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I hardly ever do anything to my nails. Even if i do, it will be like once in a blue moon. So here's an attempt:


What i used:

Tickle Me Pink: Pale Beige in colour (for the base)

Disco Nights: Metallic Silver in colour (for the tip)



What i end up with (after using colouer inc quick drying top coat) :

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